The wedding speech

Speeches are often the emotional heart of a wedding. Any given speech can be a rollercoaster where the you can one minute be laughing out loud and the next minute quietly trying to wipe (and maybe hide) that emotional tear from your eye.

Grand and public declarations of love, whether it be romantic, or familial, can make our emotions swell because these are not things we say or hear every day. It’s a big gesture and it’s the extraordinary.

I love capturing everyone’s joy, laughter, and tears. It’s all part of the big day.


Weddings bring people together

Wedding guests are often a collection of the people that we’ve met on our life journey so far. It’s your blood family, extended family, and the family that you’ve chosen for yourself - your friends.

A wedding is such a great gathering force that it’s not likely you’ll ever get this group of people in the same room again. Now think about that! It’s definitely something to appreciate and celebrate.


Engagement shoot

Engagement shoots are a good idea to get comfortable with getting your photos taken.
After all, it’s not often that we have someone take our photos for us (selfie, much?).

I like to shoot in a natural setting which sometimes involves a bit of movement to get a variety of shots. My wife appreciates it when I give her warning that there’s walking involved and she’ll bring a pair of thongs to get from one point to the next. She’s a sensible lady.


tom and katrina

Got to spend a hazy Autumn Saturday photographing this quirky couple in the heart of Katoomba at Dantosa Blue Mountains Retreat ( It turned out to be a beautiful day to have a ceremonial wedding in front of a lake and then to feast on the famous Holy Heffa Burgers ( I wish this crazy couple all the best in the future and to continue being perfect the way they are. Congratulations Tom and Katrina!